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Matt Wohlfarth

Wolfie’s Breaking Bald Tour is a 60-minute avalanche of comedy that gives audiences everywhere a laugh vacation from the monotony of middle age.

New Release

Don’t Love Me Now
music and vocals by Cherlyann Hawk

Wolfie has spent the last 14 months in his comedy cocoon creating an hour of outrageous stand-up material. His new release will be titled, Breaking Bald. Check it out at clubs near you.

So you’ve seen Wolfie live and you want to know what goes on in the mind of comedian. The best way to do that is to read his writing. Check out his scripts, books and jokes here.

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Breaking Bald dates! It’s a laugh vacation from the monotony of middle-age.

September 24, 2022 – Plantation Park, Mercer PA

Check back soon for more dates!

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